Pie Crust Tables
Pie Crust Tables

Intriguing name, but actually this small usually round table in the tea table family has just that an edge that is scalloped just like a pie crust.  These tables originated around 1750 England used primarily for tea time.  The table was almost always crafted of Mahogany a hard and popular wood made popular by the Japaneseís influence right around the same time.  Not all pie crust tables are crafted of mahogany, you can find them in other woods such as cherry, oak or walnut. 

The pie crust tables became very popular here in America not just because of the beauty of the craftsmanship but also for the space saving design.  The tops were connected to a bird cage support that hid a brass tipping mechanism.  Designed with a tripod leg making the top tilt flat making it space saving so that you could push it against a wall.  And iron catch was fitted to the underside of the top surrounded by the bird cage design making it very functional and attractive.

The most valued pie crust tables are fashioned from mahogany not just because of the hardness of the wood but also the width let the craftsman use a single piece of wood making a seamless one piece top.  The pie crust design was crafted either on the edge or a small lip was created both resembling the crust of a pie.  The pie crust tables with the small edge standing up was said to protect your valued tea set from slipping off the edge of the table.

Pie crust tables have many uses and can be found in various sizes and shapes but all pie crust tables have the notable tripod stand with the distinctive three feet.  These tripod bases may be intricately carved with leaves and claw with ball feet or very plain with no decoration at all.  The most valuable of and desired by collectors are the pie crust tables crafted from mahogany and intricately carved some even having inlays of mother of pearl.

The most valuable pie crust table was sold at Christies on October 24, 2007 a Philadelphia tea table known as the Fisher Fox Tea table valued at 2 million but sold for and unexpected price of 6.7 million.  I donít think anyone will be serving tea on that table.  
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